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Completely devours the wood as it comes off the piece.  I even turned my dust collector off because it simply isn't needed. Zero mess!  It significantly cut down my time to reach the final diameter.  It has a large cutting surface because it is round and can be rotated for a fresh edge.  It is easy to use.  The attached hose is not a factor... well worth the cost.
-- Jim L.
I was using your CleanTurn gouge yesterday.  A very clever tool and well worth the money. It makes rough turning a snap and is almost 100% effective in containing the mess. Having the round end reduces the number of times that the tool needs sharpening. Easy to turn to another sharp area and keep working.  Few turning tools works better than advertised but your has proven to be one.
-- Jon F.    (eBay buyer)
This tool is neat. Nothing was shooting in my face. The gouge is used just like any other roughing gouge. The tool handled easily... It cut cleanly, handled well and held an edge nicely... the tool is well balanced, comfortable to use and cuts nicely. 
-- Joe F.
I just wanted to let you know that I got the gouge today and had it sharpened and all hooked up 10 minutes later. The tool is an absolute pleasure to use, particularly once it's sharpened to a keen edge. It's super easy to grind and with three inches of edge, it can be used quite a while without sharpening. I think the gouge should come with a warning, however. People have a tendency to push things into vacuum hoses and if you get too close, the vacuum could suck a finger right onto the blade. It didn't happen to me, but it's possible. The gouge takes some getting used to: there's no mess and you can't judge your depth of cut by the shavings falling onto your wrists. But it is magnificent! Roughing out a bowl, there's no bark dust, no water splattering about, and no chips flying all over the room. I wish every tool were like this. I also think that a tool like this could easily sell for $80-$100. I will treasure mine for a good long time. Two inches of M2 should last for at least ten years. Thank you ever so much, Alex Dulberg    (eBay buyer)  (Received Sept 23, 2002)
Gouge works great. Buy one and try it. 
-JFKY        (eBay)
Great product! Works as advertised! 
-- Tom IDR     (eBay)
What a GREAT INVENTION!!!!!!!!! Thanks 
-- DonBo 7011     (eBay)
Excellent Tool ! A Must Buy! Great Seller! Turners buy with confidence! 
Just_the_touch     (eBay)
Impressive tool, arrived in perfect condition. Well packed. - --H.W. McAdoo     (eBay)