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Clogging? Here's the Fix
Easy to Use
Use just like a regular gouge, but without the mess. Attach it to your vac hose and a shop vacuum or dust collector. The chips go naturally into the tube, and so does the dust.  The circular shape has over three inches of cutting surface to use between sharpenings.  If you use it on green or wet wood, be prepared for an occasional clog, but no spray. All the "juice" goes into the tool, rather than on you, the wall, and the ceiling.  That amazed me, almost as much as having penturners using this big tool to make pens. 
High Quality
M2 High Speed Steel, hardened and tempered to Rockwell 60-62 by Rochester Steel Treating Works, bonded to a carbon steel tube. It stands up to a grinder, and holds an edge well. 
Easy to Sharpen
Sharpen on any grinder with a simple jig made of a mop handle and a small board.  Place the board on the floor. Place one end of the mop handle in the gouge handle, and the other end in a hole in the board. Adjust the gouge so the bevel is riding on the grinder, step on the board to keep it in place, and start the grinder. Lightly hold the gouge against the grinder while making one rotation of the gouge, and you're done. This works the same way some expensive jigs do. If the gouge handle was long enough to rest on the floor, the mop handle wouldn't be needed. It just makes it long enough to use the floor as a support for the end of the gouge not  on the grinder.  This method works fine for carpenters chisels, and even skews. With the skew, the mop handle is just offset to either side, so the skew edge is in a horizontal plane.  
The gouge is bonded to the 24" carbon steel tube, which is 1.375" in diameter. The gouge protrudes 2.5" from the tube, and has an inside diameter of 1". It comes with a 35 degree bevel, but feel free to modify it, with no effect on the guarantee.

I invented and make this tool, after receiving the High Speed Steel investment cast piece from the foundry (Harbor Castings, N. Canton, Ohio). My price, with shipping bundled in is $98.95 ppd (USA and Canada). PayPal only, please.

I guarantee your satisfaction for as long as you own the tool, and will refund postage both ways in the USA, along with the purchase price. With over 200 sold, one person has asked for a refund. 

DO IT YOURSELF:       Make a sample tool from a piece of pipe. Sharpen it on your grinder, and try it.  See for yourself.  If you like it,  order my M2 tool steel version for only $98.95 (includes shipping & handling)

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