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Clogging? Here's the Fix

Why the Vacuum Gouge clogs, and how to fix it.

A 2" vacuum hose has an opening that is 3.14" square inches in area.  The area of the vacuum gouge opening is 80% smaller!  This works for a lot of people, but not for some.

The fix is easy.  Use a piece of tubing between the gouge and vacuum hose, and drill holes in it, to let the shop vac take in more air.  The larger the vacuum hose used, the more hole area needed.

    A 1.25" hose needs two 5/8" holes added.

    A 1.375" hose needs two 3/4" holes added.

    A 1.5" hose needs two 7/8" holes, or two 3/4", and one 5/8" hole.

    A 2" hose could use the same holes as the 1.5", or up to four 7/8" holes.

The larger vacuum hoses may be better, because with the added air, the debris is less dense.  PVC pipe is hard to drill, but a small hole saw or forstner bit works fine.  One adapter was made of 1.5" PVC pipe, and an end cap and connector of the same size.  The end cap was drilled out to slip over the gouge handle, and the connector was turned down to fit into a 2" vacuum hose.  Three 3/4" holes were drilled in the short piece of PVC pipe.  This assembly was pushed up on the gouge handle, and a few wraps of tape put on the end of the gouge, so the adapter couldn't slip off.  Then it was connected to the vacuum hose.

    Not much vacuum is required in the gouge, because the chips and dust naturally go there, even without vacuum.  Once they get to the vacuum hose though, the extra air helps move them along.  Light turning of dry wood doesn't require this adapter, but if you encounter clogs, this is the cure.