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Dustless Woodturning Gouge Eliminates Chips & Dust!Header_image_70pct.jpg (12336 bytes)

U.S. Pat. No. 6,145,555

Long & Strong
27" of steel including a 2.5" M2 High Speed Steel tip, hardened to Rockwell 60-62.  1" inside diameter gouge takes off material fast, and is great at holding an edge!
Eliminate Chips & Dust
Use like a regular gouge, just attach it to your vacuum source and watch chips disappear!
Turn Green & Wet Wood Without Mess
Like to turn green or wet wood but don't like the mess?  With this gouge, the liquid & wood go straight into the gouge and not onto you, your tools, or your shop.   
Easy Sharpening
Sharpen on almost any grinder with a mop handle and a small board as the only jig parts.
Total Guarantee
100% Satisfaction Guarantee, including shipping both ways.

The Vacuum Gouge is only available from me. My price, with shipping bundled in is $98.95 ppd (USA and Canada). PayPal only, please.

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